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Premium Joga Podlozky

17.09.2022 v 20:22
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Raespira International s.r.o.
web: raespira.com 
instagram: @raespira
Stock yoga mats: 80pcs 
Stock aroma diffusers: 36pcs 
Stock essential oils: 60pcs
POS & Press: 
Essential oils flyers 500pcs (material value of 100chf)
User manual diffuser 100pcs (material value of 80)
Essential oils labels 12* 1000pcs (material value 1000chf) 
Brand ribbons & brand stickers (material value 140chf)
Concrete plates & baskets for exhibitions & events (value 160chf)
Brand kit & Digital solutions:
Market, product, price and customer persona research (3 months) 
Brand development (4 months)
Digital solutions development and optimisation (2 e-shops, Instagram) (12 months)
COGS calculations 
Quality and suppliers research & testing (8 months, 10 suppliers compared)
Supply chain setup & relationships 
List of 150 retailer shops with B2B potential 
Aroma Diffuser packaging design print files (designer cost 910)
Yoga mat packaging design print files (designer cost 320)
Essential oils flyer print-files (designer cost 860)
User manual print file (designer cost 160)
Photo-shooting & product pictures materials (costs 2.700chf)
domain raespira.com
email address info@raespira.com
WordPress custom code e-commerce (costs 4.000chf)
Etsy (purchase history, only 5-star ratings) 
Instagram (feed, highlights, 1.500 followers) (investment of 1.000chf) 
UX research & implementation  (6 months’ work)
Legal entity handover: 
Czech company – Raespira International s.r.o (est. 2020)
Company bank account in Prague
Bookkeeping for 2020, 2021, 2022
My flight + 3 days in Prague
Availability for 1 month for questions