PHP developer medior/senior

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13.06.2022 v 14:39
Uživatel zatím nemá hodnocení
Vývoj a programování
I am looking for a teammate who will help me to develop software solution for a client in United Kingdom.

🎉 I offer:
- competetive compensation for your time
- full remote work
- free working hours
- part time is an option
- improving your skills via courses, workshops or participation on conferences
- PHP Storm license

💡 I believe in:
- life is too short to spend time with things that do not suit us
- future is now
- small teams are best teams
- we are humans, not machines. Let\'s be creative, not repetitive

👧 / 👦 I am looking for a guy or a girl who:
- considers PHP to be his/her home
- can participate in daily standups, regular sprint planning meetings, retros and discussions about solutions with other team members, all of that in English with native speakers.
- can write documentation in English
- is familiar with MVC in PHP
- is comfortable with docker-compose, Linux and GIT
- lives by TDD
- has an awareness about SOLID principles and microservices
- will take ownership of things when the time is nigh and will move forward with solutions

Best is experience with frameworks like Zend, Laminas, eventually Mezzio. Experience with Magento, Symfony or other MVC framework does not hurt 🙂