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Fullstack JavaScript Developer

29.08.2021 v 13:58
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Are you a Full-stack JS developer keen on maps? Love to develop a complete UX interface and enjoy coding with mapping frameworks such as MapLibre or Leaflet? Understanding GeoJSON & playing with vector tiles and MapTiler tools, Let’s build complete applications where the map is the core part of the user experience. Have control over the whole code from backend to frontend, all in JavaScript.

Over 250 thousand visitors a month on the OldMapsOnline.org website explore history in a new way. Together with our partners such as the British Library, Stanford University, and multiple national libraries around the world, we have a unique opportunity to bring old maps to people to discover their past on maps.

Join us on a journey that changes the approach to interactive exploration of history through digital technologies! 

You will design, develop and deploy a complete mapping application on your own - with guidance and assistance from the experienced colleagues from the MapTiler.com team.

Feel free to work from anywhere and on the schedule that fits your life best (yes - digital nomads and remote workers are welcome). In our new modern offices in Brno, Czechia, and Zug, Switzerland you will always find a desk waiting for you. And meet your colleagues in the offices or on our company activities such as hiking, skiing in the alps, grill parties, and other refreshments :-)

Contact us via info@oldmapsonline.org or directly jan.kucera@oldmapsonline.org
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