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Talented social media marketing expert for a great fintech start-up in creative industries

06.03.2021 v 12:24
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Ahoj zdravím, chce někdo být zakládajícím členem českého projektu pro globální trh?: ) We are a fintech project with great global potential, that is connecting Fans and Creators in a unique way – the team has and long term experience in the global markets, residing in Prague, and looking for a talented marketing person ( co-founder) with some social media or influencers skills that would have at least 10 hours per week to dedicate into the project growth (currently just unpaid “sweat equity” position) with a potential to go full time soon (paid position plus company equity). Someone that would be eager to be one of the key members to make our great start-up even better and take the $ rewards of it. Fair, friendly and professional approach.