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Fullstack developer

22.11.2020 v 15:09
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Hledáme do svého týmu samostatného full stack developera pro spolupráci na vývoji nové technologie pro zejména norskou klientelu v oblasti financí (delivering data to an iPaaS). Práce z domova, mezinárodní tým, dobrá znalost angličtiny je podmínkou. 

Development tasks are based on small projects typically lasting 1-2 weeks each and will test your data harvesting skills.
Client work can range from small business to major blue chips, demanding a grasp for understanding a business case and instructions quickly.

Estimates, research, design, high quality code, testing and good communication with our lead developer and implementation team are all part of your role.

Proving your way in the first months can lead to a more permanent role, where teamwork and collaboration are encouraged, excellence will be rewarded annually.
Flexibility of working hours is acceptable but we expect a minimum of 10-4.

You are a senior developer and you deserve freedom to work where you like, we don´t mind as long as your consistent with a good internet connection.
You´ll be working with talented English and Norwegian colleagues based throughout the Nordics and Europe who love what they do with a passion.

We are looking for individuals with the following skills

• C#
• .Net Core
• JSON  Schema
• Azure
• SFTP data collection
• Container deployment
• Azure functions
• Graph QL

• Unit Testing
• Visual Studio/VS Code
• Familiarity with Azure
• SQL Server
• Dependency Injection and use of IoC Containers.

Advantages given to skills in accounting, erp and integrations.
Your role will be to collect data from various apis and under the guidance of our team.
You will have strong skills in JSON and JSON schema.

Barbora Kutikova
+420 727 972 820