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How to turn a product catalogue into e-commerce

16.11.2019 v 11:40
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Take for example a smartphone reviews site, which is essentially an enhanced product catalog people read for content and product reviews.

Usually those sites turn into affiliate sites with placing a simple JavaScript into their code and thus linking their products to amazon/heureka/etc products, where people can purchase them and the affiliate site makes money either as PPC or revenue share.

What if instead of affiliate JavaScript, those content sites would put a shopping basket JavaScript, and instead of sending the visitor to another site (amazon/heureka), the customer can place the order directly where he is.

After clicking the order button, a shopping cart would pop up with all product info and price, clicking next to enter shipping details, next for payment details, next for order review and General Business Conditions agreement and a final order button, payment processing and the thank you page. Transaction email / sms/ WA message sent to customer and a simple app/PWA to track his order progress, including RMA and warranty claim, customer support and all after sale services.

This way simplifying the legal structure of e-commerce and let content creators to focus on making more and better content, paying them higher commission than through affiliate and keeping the customers loyal to their site and brand, instead of sending to Amazon/Heureka/etc.

How should this technology look like, for it to be simple to copy paste code for the content site, and have full control of the shopping process for the merchant? JavaScript?

Please ask PUBLIC questions for more details.

2019-11-02 How to turn a product catalogue into ecommerce.docx
02.11.2019 12:38
1) This is focused on 3rd party websites, so others can use a JavaScript in their websites.
2) We are the merchant, so we are handling all the ecommerce and order fulfillment part
3) Example of our product page: https://bestcena.sk/mobilne-telefony...ax-512gb-green
and example of the reviews site: https://zive.aktuality.sk/clanok/142...lovensko-cena/

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[/COLOR]To be researched:
  1. Research should be done also in how possible is to do the whole order fulfillment, even payment through that. The payment part doesn’t look so possible considering how most payment providers operate, there might be also security issues which browsers themselves might be blocking our processes (browsers prohibit Cross origin resource sharing, cookie sharing, mixed content between http and https)
  2. How to connect/ match merchant’s product catalogue with affiliate site’s existing and new content? Example they have 100 reviews and we have 200 products, or they make reviews first and we add those products later.