25.08.2019 19:01
Google AMP Converter | Convert Pages To AMP Using Google Partner


The Ezoic AMP Converter App exists on the Ezoic platform and is free to use. It allows any publisher’s website — regardless of CMS, code, or other factors — to convert their site’s pages into a Google AMP-compliant mobile site that will be indexed in search engines as AMP.

The Ezoic AMP Converter is the only Google AMP converter built by a Google Certified Publishing Partner.

It is also the only AMP Converter that allows you to maintain a beautiful, fully-functioning mobile site while using AMP.

Additionally, Ezoic allows you to keep all existing ad partners while using AMP. The Ezoic tags allow you to keep first look providers, DFP, and header bidders while using AMP; there’s no other way for publishers to do this than the Ezoic AMP Converter.
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