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How to find freelance furniture designers in Czech Republic?

  1. Sorry, I do not speak Czech so I am creating this topic in English.

    I am working with a Chinese partner and hoping to create a line of products that are Designed in Czech and Made in China for Asian market.

    I am having a hard time to find furniture designers info online.

    I know there are some directories for graphics but are there any directories for furniture designers?


  2. Co se právě děje na Webtrhu?
  3. Hi :)
    I'd say you just came to the right place... Usually I am able to find anybody here, from any type of designers, to programmers, marketing specialists etc. So just be patient and probably someone will come around :-)

  4. Hello,
    you can try to contact school - Lesnická a dřevařská fakulta.
    They should help you with finding right person. They are teaching Furniture Design.
    Hope it helps.

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